DNA – The Language For Life

DNA Iinformational Language For Life December 5, 2015 Could DNA Emerge Through Purely Naturalistic Processes? The general theory of evolution theorizes an ancient primordial “soup” (body of water) over eons of time, randomly, using non-living chemical compounds, self-assembled the first living cell. In this first living cell, not only did it come to life from

Radiometric Carbon 14 Dating

Most all radiometric dating methods are based on assumptions about events which happened in the unobserved past.  Older samples such as fossils or ice age relics must be dated using assumptions because the original conditions and rates of decay are unknown. Unknown because clearly these events occurred long before the scientist was even born, and

Global Flood? Is there evidence?

Introduction Have you ever heard the cliché you are missing the forest for the trees?  Or is it the other way around? The tree for the forest?  In either case, this cliché could apply to earth and the flood geology evidence that surrounds us on earth.   Whether you believe in the biblical account of the flood

Random Chance has No Chance

Introduction One of the strongest direct evidences for special creation is the existence of innumerable highly complex systems in the universe, ratios delicately balanced on earth to enable life, systems composed of “order” rather than disorder.  Creationists maintain that highly ordered systems could not arise by chance, since random processes generate disorder rather than order,

Soft T Rex Tissue discovery reveals extreme bias within the evolutionary scientific community

First unearthed in 2000, then finally fully excavated in August of 2005, after years of hard and dedicated field work, Mary Schweitzer Paleontologist, PhD, Paleo-biology, Evolutionary Biology, and Molecular Biology, of North Carolina State University in Raleigh unearthed a Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil in Hell Creek Montana. The T. Rex was nicknamed ‘B. Rex’ and later